Open your official game community!

You will be able to create your game’s “Game Page” in Lobi when you create Official Chat groups. In your "Game Page", users will be able to chat with other players and send activity information to increase interaction between players. And developers will be able to spread information using game-play videos and news feed to your players.

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Enhance user communication
by Lobi Community!
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In-game Chat

Lobi offers SDK & API
to enable chat in your game
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Open your official game community
to let your users deepen exchange!

All you need is a direct link to create GAME PAGE

There are no SDK to integrate. Just place a link to the Game Page, which we will give you, inside your game.

Distribute gifts & items

Developers can distribute game gifts to the players who joins Official Groups.

Send PUSH notification

Developers can send PUSH NOTIFICATION to the members in Official Group

Increases user acquisition

Lobi will promote active and popular Official Groups to Lobi users, which will drive players to your game.

Increases game retention

Using Lobi as forum and place to find friends will increase user interaction, leading to increase in retention rate.

In-game Chat

Easy to integrate chat function into your game.

No need to log-in to start chatting

Lobi Chat SDK lets players start chatting in your game easily without log in.

2 Types of chat groups

There are “Public groups” where all players are able to join, and “Private group” where players can talk private chats.

Give stickers according to the players game achievements

Developers can give players original stickers according to players achievements according to the players achievements.

Game Apps with Lobi


Integrate Lobi into your game , Now!