Share your Play Video!

With Lobi REC SDK, the game play video from users can be shared to SNS or other video website, just as it is.

User retention rate and install rate, can be much higher with recording feature.

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Chat SDKはサービス移行をしてインゲームチャットとして生まれ変わりました。インゲームチャットについての詳細は以下のリンクよりお問い合わせください。また従来のコミュニティ機能につきましても公認コミュニティとしてサービス移行いたしました。公認コミュニティについての詳細は以下のリンクよりお問い合わせください。

Integrate Lobi SDK to level-up your game!


Easily record gameplays
and promote your game on SNS.
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Enhance user communication
by Lobi Community!
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Ranking SDK

No server needed.
Enable Ranking in your game
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In-game Chat

Lobi offers SDK & API
to enable chat in your game
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Easy to integrate recoding function into your game.

Share replays seamlessly and quickly

Players can share replays right from the game inside!
Lobi REC SDK covers 6 of the major SNS to share!

Simple steps to integrate both on iOS/Android

Lobi REC SDK will provide recording and LIVE-recording function into your game both iOS and Android.
Players will be able to record every moment of your game with only one button.

iOS version lets user record them selves by activating the front camera of the device.

Features & Effects

Game-play videos boost viral growth

Shared videos will have store link to your game, providing viral user acquisition! User generated video-replays will boost app DL creating powerful word of mouth!

Watch replay-videos inside game

Shared video-replays can be watched inside your game. Lobi provides powerful search functions so players can easily find videos they want to see as well as recommend tip videos of the stageplayers cannot beat.

Synchronize with Lobi community

The latest replays will be posted seamlessly to Lobi’s game page. Open your game'sOfficial Community in Lobi’s game page with Lobi REC SDK to spark viral growth more.

Games using Lobi

Monster Strike

Lobi REC SDK has been integrated into the most popular games in the world. Start recording game plays with friends and have fun!


Recorded videos has no delays and perfectly synchronized even in Music Games.

Monster Gear

Record any screens of your game. Even Gatcha movies safely.



Open your official game community
to let your users deepen exchange!

Everything you need for your game is here in GAME PAGE

You will be able to create your game’s “Game Page” in Lobi when you create Official Chat groups. In your "Game Page", users will be able to chat with other players and send activity information to increase interaction between players. And developers will be able to spread information using game-play videos and news feed to your players.

Official Group chat

There are no restrictions on the number of Official Chat groups the developers can create. For example, developers can create groups customized for the game like “Recruiting members” ,“Beginners” , “Tips for party decks” etc.

Features & Effects

All you need is a direct link to create GAME PAGE

There are no SDK to integrate. Just place a link to the Game Page, which we will give you, inside your game.

Distribute gifts & items

Developers can distribute game gifts to the players who joins Official Groups.

Send PUSH notification

Developers can send PUSH NOTIFICATION to the members in Official Group

Increases user acquisition

Lobi will promote active and popular Official Groups to Lobi users, which will drive players to your game.

Increases game retention

Using Lobi as forum and place to find friends will increase user interaction, leading to increase in retention rate.

Ranking SDK


Easy to integrate ranking function into your game.

Cross-platform ranking for both iOS and Android

Lobi Ranking SDK integrates cross-platform ranking function into your game in both iOS and Android. There are “All users” and “Friends” ranking, to boost the excitment.

A wide variety of integration properties.

Lobi Ranking SDK has several integrating properties. You can show your ranking data inside your game, or by using wall-type ranking, or ranking by event.

Features & Effects

I beat you notifications

Lobi Ranking SDK notifies players when their friends out-runs thier score!

Distribute gifts

Developers can distribute game gifts according to the players ranking.

In-game Chat

Easy to integrate chat function into your game.

No need to log-in to start chatting

Lobi Chat SDK lets players start chatting in your game easily without log in.

2 Types of chat groups

There are “Public groups” where all players are able to join, and “Private group” where players can talk private chats.

Give stickers according to the players game achievements

Developers can give players original stickers according to players achievements according to the players achievements.

Game Apps with Lobi


2016.10.07【iOS ver8.9.6】AppStoreでの公開を開始しました
2016.10.03【iOS ver8.9.5】AppStoreでの公開停止について

※Lobi supports Youtube, niconico


Integrate Lobi into your game , Now!

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